South Valley_IN

This tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes, Inca architecture in Tipón, pre – Inca Wari architecture in Pikillacta, Andahuaylillas visit its beautiful Chapel, known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”; without forgetting the tasty gastronomy that can be tasted in Saylla, Huasao … Come with us to enjoy this pleasant excursion !!!
The tour star at 8:30 a. m. This tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes. Tipón, Pikillakta, Andahuaylillas and Saylla are part of the route. Here we have a litle description about the places that we will visite in this tour. Dare to know this route in a single day, in the most fun way.

As a whole it is a National Archaeological Park to the east of the city of Qosqo that covers some 2,200 hectares of territory in the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis. From kilometer 18 kms. on the asphalted road Qosqo – Puno, towards the north and crossing the Watanay creek, starts a 5 km long carriageway. to arrive at the main archaeological monument. Half a kilometer from the track, there is the small town of Tipón where an extraordinary colonial mansion stands out, it is part of the Qespikancha farmhouse that was property of the Marquises of San Lorenzo de Valle Umbroso (1650-1802), it is undoubtedly the most important rural monument inherited from the colony that is currently totally abandoned.
It is Quechua word, which means “town of fleas” (“piki” = flea, “llaqta” = town); That is not the original name of the area or the main population, today its name is ignored in the Inkario and even worse is what it had in the previous era; Although many chroniclers refer to the area and the lagoon they imply the names of “Muyuna”, “Muyna” or “Mohina”. It seems that the place began to be “Pikillaqta” at the end of the colony or in the beginnings of the republic unknown today the reason.
It is a district of the province of Quispicanchis about 40 Kms. East of the city of Qosqo and at 3100 m.s.n.m. Its original name was Antawaylla (“anta”: copper, “waylla”: meadow) translated as “coppery prairie”, which later became Spanish in “Andahuaylas”; My name is not bigger with the same name in the department of Apurimac, its name was transformed into diminutive to avoid confusion. Andahuaylillas is a very cozy town, with a sheltered climate, quite benign, as part of the environment, the mountains and the left bank of the river “Vilcanota” which is called “Urubamba” below; their lands have a privileged fertility and their people are calm and friendly.
  • Professional guide
  • Tourist transport.
  • Lunch
  • Others not specified.
  • Rain jacket.
  • Cap or sunscreen.
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle.